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Lightroom Lovin'

Hey ya'll!

Latley I've been really getting into making Lightroom presets. I know alot of my photographer friends use Lightroom in their editing workflow and its a pretty easy to use program. Made even easier by using presets!

Capturing what I edit

When I go in and edit a image in Lightroom, if I like what I've done. I can save those settings and edits as presets! How cool is that?!

Like this image I edited I created a preset to use throughout the rest of this session.

Lightroom Lovin'

How I use Presets

I use presets to speed up my editing process. Once I save the settings it becomes a "one click" process. I can click the Preset and BOOM! The image is edited the way the others are!

 One click edit using a Matte B&W preset I created

One click edit using a Matte B&W preset I created

Now there are times when the images are slightly different and I have to tweak the settings a bit. But it gives me the starting point and from there I can perfect the image to how I want.

Freebies for Subscribers!

I love to share things with my subscribers! Right now I'm working with another photographer to test out some presets I'm making and I will be giving away freebies for all the lovlies that subscribe to my blog! So go subscribe!