Willow Oak Photography
Fine Art Children, and Senior Photography



Q: Do you offer weddings?

A: At the moment I do not offer weddings. I love couples and photographing them outside of a wedding setting though!

Q: Do you edit all my images?

A: I go through each and every image from your session and edit them to my artistic style. I have spent years perfecting my craft and choose each image based on my standards.

Q: Why should I print through you instead of a 3rd party printer?

A: Through personal experience and professional experience, I have tested prints from many labs and companies. The labs I use are of the highest quality and consistency. I work with labs who know how quality images should be displayed. Printing through me ensures that everything you receive is the best it can possibly be, in color, and material.

Do you have a question for me? Feel free to use my contact page to reach out to me!

xoxo, Saige